The Project

Our Mission

The present proposal aims to develop a green catalytic process using CO2 as a chemical building block towards valuable chemicals (methanol, syngas, methane). In particular, novel, noble-metals free, metal oxides will be tailored on their architecture and nanostructure as well as their macrostructure in order to facilitate the design and development of a RES-derived CO2 hydrogenation process.
  1. Synthesis of nano-structured materials of specific architecture/functionalization towards CO2 hydrogenation.
  2. Development of highly active, selective and durable materials for CO2 hydrogenation under mild reaction conditions (Τ< 400 oC, P< 10 bar)
  3. Development of structure catalysts (monoliths, pellets) of high mechanical endurance (>20 MPa), porous structure (>40%) and low pressure drop.
  4. Pilot plant reactor design and development (x50 lab scale)

WP1 (M01-M18): Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials

WP2 (M16-M36): Catalytic/mechanistic evaluation studies

WP3 (M16-M36): Pilot plant studies

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